What's Important To Feature In Your Menu [Classic]

This article will tell you which pages might be important to feature in your menu.

About your menu

Your menu bar (also known as top level navigation) is an easy and quick way for visitors to your site to see what content you have available.

When you first create your site, you have the option of choosing from a ‘Simple’ or ‘Expanded’ menu. After you finish creating your site, you go into Site Settings > Menu to further add pages and edit your menu.

Any pages that you'd like to add to your menu must first be created in the back end of your site. They must also be 'published' (not in draft mode). Find out more about creating pages here.

Important pages to feature

You will want to highlight the pages that have the content that perspective leads want to see quickly and easily. Make sure the best content on your site doesn't get lost! Good examples of pages to add to your menu include:

  • About
  • Listings Search
  • Featured Listings
  • Area Pages
  • Blog
  • Buyers/Sellers Information
  • Home Value Page
  • Contact Page
  • Client Profile/Your Favorite Listings
  • Agent List

Helpful Tips

Note: Changing the name of your page will not automatically change the name of the corresponding menu item. You'll need to go back to Site Settings > Menu to make updates there.

You can find more information on how to create and manage your menu here.



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