Editing an Existing Blog Post [Codeless]

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This article will walk you through how to edit an existing blog post with Placester. 

Getting to the Blog Post Editor

To edit an existing blog post, login to your Placester account to access the back end of your website. On your Dashboard, click “Edit Site.” 

Backend Menu

Once you're within the edit menu, click on “Blog Posts.”

Blog Posts Index

Within the blog posts index, you'll see all of the blog posts you've created so far. If you haven't created any posts, you might just see the sample posts that are provided when you create the site. 

Click the pencil icon next to any of your blog posts to get to the post editor.

Blog Post Editor Key

You will then be brought to the content editor, where you can edit options such as the title, excerpt, featured image, and blog content. 

Here is a key to explain the different editing options within the post editor under “General.” 

  1. Title: Add your post title here.
  2. Slug: The slug is what comes after the slash and is based on your post title and publish date
  3. Excerpt: Edit the post excerpt here. This is the snippet of text that will appear on the blog index page.
  4. Featured Image: The thumbnail image that will appear on the blog index page. This is different from any images you add within the actual post content and needs to be uploaded separately with the featured image uploader.

Under the “Categories” tab, you can create a new blog category or select an existing category to which you’d like to assign this post to. Categorizing blog posts can be a good way to structure and organize your posts.  

Content Editor

The Content Editor toolbar allows you to make some formatting adjustments within the post content. Here is a key that shows you what each button within the toolbar does.

  1. Formatting: format text as Normal, Header or Quote
  2. Bold
  3. Italic
  4. Underline
  5. Unordered List: make a bulleted list on the page
  6. Ordered List: make a numbered list on the page
  7. Indentation
  8. Link: add hyperlinked text to your site
  9. Image: upload an image on the page. Click here to learn more about adding images.
  10. Video: embed a video within the page. Click here to learn more about embedding videos.
  11. Alignment
  12. Adding a Table
  13. HTML: Click here to learn more about inserting HTML

When you’re done editing the content of your post, click Publish, Save as Draft or Schedule Post. Please note, scheduling blog posts is only available on Advanced and Office Builder Plans. 

Scheduling Blog Posts (Advanced and Office Builder Plans)

With our upgraded packages, you have the ability to write a blog post and then schedule the exact time and date that you would like your blog to be posted to your website. Next to Published on the blog post slideout you will see three dots. Click here and you will see an option for “Schedule Post”. You have the option of choosing to publish the blog immediately or you can click Schedule post  to specify a more specific date and time.

You can choose the date, time and specify the time zone and your blog will be published accordingly. This function is also available for blogs that were already created and published. If you would like to update the publish date of a blog that was previously created, you would follow this same process.

Click SAVE once you've selected the date. Saving will change the Publish option to Scheduled.

Need More Help?

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please chat with our team: https://app.placester.com/chat

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