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This article will explain Placester’s IDX Support Fee.

On June 1st, 2021 we introduced an IDX support fee on your Placester billing statement. In response to COVID-19, this fee has previously been waived (as reflected in your billing dashboard).

The introduction of our IDX support fee will enable our team to continuously improve our data feeds, as well as better manage our active MLS integrations and work more closely with our MLS partners.

NEW IDX Support: All Subscriptions

Due to increased costs in supporting MLS IDX integrations, starting February/March 2024 the IDX support fee for all subscriptions is $25/month per approved IDX integration.


Q: When will the charges come in?

Answer: You will not be charged upon requesting your IDX integration. You will be charged

once the IDX contract is approved.

Q: I’m on a TRIAL period. When will I be charged the IDX Support Fee?

Answer: Customers on trial will start paying for their IDX contracts after launching the website.

Q: I have 3 IDX contracts, how much do I need to pay?

Answer: Customers will pay the additional IDX fee for every approved IDX contract.

Example: If there is a Broker with three approved IDX contracts, they will pay an additional amount of $75/month.

Note for Broker accounts: Agents under Broker accounts will not incur any IDX Support Fee.

Example: If there is an Agent with three approved IDX contracts, they will pay an additional amount of $75/month.

Q: I’m on an annual subscription, how will I be charged for the IDX Support Fee?

Answer: Customers may terminate their IDX contract if they do not want to pay for it. However,

the customer should first deactivate their website (Draft state) then they can request

termination. At the moment, customers cannot delete APPROVED IDX, they would

need to contact support.

Q: Should I expect 2 separate charges every month?

Answer: The billing date for the IDX Support Fee will be on the same billing date as the


Q: I’m on an Annual subscription. Can I also pay for 1 year for the IDX Support Fee?

Answer: Right now, we do not offer the option to pay for the entire year. Please contact our Support team to let us know if this is something you’d like to request.

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