TREC Requirements [Codeless]

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This article will explain the TREC requirements and how to add them to your Placester site.

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires that all agents and brokers have the Consumer Protection Notice and the Information About Brokerage Services (IABS) completed forms attached to their website. TREC has provided some tips here. To satisfy this requirement, Placester has provided you with space to add these links to the footer of your website.

Filling out Information About Brokerage Services Form

Unlike the Consumer Protection Notice, you will need to fill out some of the fields on the Information About Brokerage Services form before linking it to the footer of your site. First, download the IABS form from TREC, and fill out the necessary fields with your information. If some contact information does not apply, simply fill in “N/A.”

Please note: If you simply link to a blank IABS form, you are not in compliance with the IABS requirements and could be subject to disciplinary action by TREC.

Once you have completed the IABS form, we suggest uploading the form to either a Dropbox or Google Drive account. You will then be able to get a shareable link for your document (from DropBox or Google Drive) which you will be able to add into the backend of your Placester site. Before adding the link to your site, be sure to set your link sharing settings so that anyone with a link will be able to view the document.

Login to your Placester Dashboard then click on edit site button

This will bring you to the backend of your site. Click the FOOTER tab.

In the footer slideout you will see COMPLIANCE. Click on this tab.

This will bring you to the compliance slideout. Here you will click on the drop down menu at the bottom of the compliance slideout shown below. From the drop down menu click on Custom URL > Add.

After adding a custom URL you can now paste the shareable link you have created to this field.

This is how it will look like on your website:

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