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This article will show you how to Create an Office using Placester's new Agent Management.

With the NEW Agent Management feature for our Office Builder / Broker Pro subscriptions, you would now be able to:

  • Easily onboard, support and collaborate with your Agents!
  • Invite Agents to your Broker subscription with Placester.
  • Manage all your Agents and their information across their Placester account and website as well as the Offices displayed on your main Broker site.
  • Easily add Agents to your Roster or CRM lead routing.
  • Create templates for your Brokerage, duplicate them and assign them to an Agent.

Please note: This feature is only available through our Office Builder / Broker Pro subscriptions. If you would like to learn more about this subscription, please check out our packages and pricing page.

Check out our cool video to learn more about the features of the NEW Agent Manager.

Creating New Office

The first thing to make sure of is to log in to your Placester account and go right through the Agent Manager tab. It is located at the top of your dashboard in your navigation bar.

Under Agent Management, you’ll see 5 categories or features that are available for you to utilize. To create a new office, you simply need to go to the Offices tab.

Once you’re on the offices' section, you’ll see an option for you to create a new office by clicking on the ‘Create New Office’ button at the upper right corner or on the middle part of the page. The button in the middle of the page will only appear if you don’t have an active office yet on your website.

Once you click on ‘Create New Office’ a pop-up will appear and allows you to name your office.

After naming your office, you will be able to add agents under that specific office.

Provide necessary information of your Office like the Office name, Address, Email Address, and Phone number. You can also upload a featured image for this specific office.

Once you’re done adding agents to this office as well as providing the necessary information about the office, you can simply hit the save button to complete the process. Thereafter, a preview of your Office will be displayed on the Offices section.

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