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This article will show you how to access the Placester's Web App and what it is all about.

Along with the New Broker Agent Manager release, Placester releases a Web App for the Placester features to work faster in terms of its speed response and for customer's internal admin easy access. Though, it's not a real app downloaded through App Store or Google Play.

Installing the Placester Web App

Open Google Chrome and login to your Placester account. On the upper right hand corner of your browser, click the

icon and then click install.

Accessing the Web App on your device

Once installed, you can easily access your Placester account on your computer.

We suggest that you pin this to the task bar (Windows) or your dock (Apple), for ease of use.


If you’d like to uninstall or remove the web app from your device, simply launch the app and click the vertical dots on the upper right hand corner then select uninstall Placester’s Admin Panel.

You may also do this on your mobile device!

Simply follow the steps mentioned above.

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Please note that by using mobile device web app, that you are still unable to do website customization/ editing.

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