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Leveraging Video Modules on Your Codeless Website

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Leveraging video content is an excellent way to highlight your brand, home tours, and more. The process of publishing featured videos on your Codeless website is made easy with modules.

Adding video modules to your homepage

You are able to get started with video modules on your homepage by hovering and selecting the "+" option. Once you identify that you would like to add a module, you can then navigate to the Video option and begin editing. In the example below, we illustrate how you can accomplish this on your Codeless website homepage.

Adding video modules to additional pages

If you would like to add a video module on additional pages throughout your Codeless website, you can accomplish this by selecting the Modules tab in the editor section of any specific page.

Embedding video into your video modules

Once you select your video module, it's time to begin applying the necessary edits to have it displaying just right on your Codeless website. If you haven't done so already, it is essential that you upload your video to a 3rd party hosting provider like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

After you've successfully uploaded your video to one of those platforms, you can then take the embed link and paste it into your video module (each of the video providers mentioned above offer easy-to-use embed links that you can copy + paste).

After you've successfully pasted your video embed link, your video will display in the preview of your Codeless website and is ready to publish!

Video overview

If you're interested in watching a video tutorial to help walk you through the steps above, click the video player below.

Frequently asked questions

Am I able to upload my video to Placester instead of a 3rd party provider?
No, Placester is not a hosting platform and you are unable to upload your video to be hosted on Placester.
I'm copying the URL of the video from my 3rd party provider and pasting it into the module, but it is not showing up. What do I do?
First, please make sure you are copying and pasting the embed code (not just the video URL). In addition to this, check your video settings and confirm that it is set to public and not private.
Can I use video in a widget instead of a module?
No, we do not support videos in widget format because they will not format properly on all devices.
Am I able to insert a video into my content editor instead of using the module?
Yes, you are able to do this and we would consider this a more advanced feature. Choosing to incorporate video into your content editor will require a bit of custom code, but can be accomplished!

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