How to create an About Page [Codeless]

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This article will walk you through How to create an About page with Placester.

Create About Page

To create an About page, log into your Placester account to access the back end of your website. On your Dashboard, click “Edit Site.” 


On the bottom left side of your screen, click “Create New” and select “Page.” 

Then, you will be redirected to proceed in creating your About Page.

What to include in your About page? 

The About page is where you intend to grab your future clients' attention and provide more of an idea of what kind of brokerage/person/realtor you truly are. Hopefully, they are intrigued enough and choose you to help them with the buying or selling process.

Many users decide to break the About page down by 2-3 paragraphs; including background, their promise or mission statement, and interests. 

Paragraph 1

The first paragraph agents usually decide to label, "About", or "Background", and provide a quick overview regarding the background of their brokerage or as a real estate professional. This would be the perfect area to share your career achievements. Below are a few examples of how agents formatted this. 

Paragraph 2

Some agents and brokers decide to do a separate paragraph including how they conduct business, titling this "Mission Statement", "My Promise" or "Approach". Or some people decide to include their mission statement within one or two sentences in their first paragraph. 

Paragraph 3

The third paragraph agents tend to reserve for an interests paragraph to wrap up their about page. Being personable and including a few interests really goes a long way. The about page does not need to be stuffy and 100% business, agents are real people too with lives outside of real estate. You still want to look professional, but let your prospective clients know what some of your hobbies are outside of work. Below are a few examples of Interest paragraphs that are tasteful and not too over sharing. 


If you are creating an About page for a brokerage, you may want to include a list of your agents on this page. To do this, click on “Widgets” and select the “Agents” widget. This will add a list of your agents in the sidebar.

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