Features of having Admin Access (What will Admins see)

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This article will show you what are the Features of having Admin Access with Placester.

One of the new features of Placester is to provide admin access to a specific user. Once you have admin access, you will mostly have the ability to manage the account that provided you the access.

Check Admin Access for further information.

Once you are invited as an Admin to a specific account, you will first receive an email notification to accept the invitation.

And when you’re already an Admin to a specific account, after logging in to your Placester account, you will see under your account profile icon an option to “switch accounts”.

After selecting the switch accounts button, you will see the list of each account that provided you admin access. Also, if you are an admin of multiple accounts, you can use the search bar to look for a specific account using their name or email address.

To proceed to switch accounts, simply click on the “switch to” button next to the user name that you would like to manage/ navigate.

Once the switch to account option has been selected, you will be redirected to that specific account. Also, you will see a notification on top, that you are managing the account of the user you have switched to. Thereafter, you can proceed to do changes or manage the user account.

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Providing Admin Access

Admin Access


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