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This page will show you how to Create a Property Landing Page

This page template will allow you to create unique pages showing your listings (driven by actual MLS data).

Please note that Property Landing Page is only available for Advanced or higher subscriptions.
Accessing Property Landing Page

Once you're logged in to the backend of your Placester site. To create a Property Landing Page, on your customizer click the Create new button > Pages> Property Landing.

Edit Property Landing Page

Under the General tab, you can select the listing that you wanted to be featured on the Property landing page from your MLS, add a Title for the page, Add page protection, have the option to add the page to your navigation bar and disable the header/footer of the page.

In the page content tab, you can edit your Property Landing page hero and add page modules.

Property Landing Hero

The toggle button is to enable or disable the Property Landing Page Hero.

You can add you display title, description and show price, sqft and the numbers of beds and baths.


There are two layouts to choose from. Contents can be positioned to left or right.

Contents can be positioned left or right.

Landing Media

In your property landing page media, you will have the options to use a slideshow, an image or a video. For slideshow and and for image, you can use images from the MLS or upload your own photo by choosing custom.

If you'd like to add and use a video, you can directly paste the embed code in the box provided.

You can add a separate image to display it only on mobile devices. The recommended size is 900x1080 px.

Other settings like media overlay, animations and parallax is also available.

Page Modules

Aside from the existing default modules, Property Landing Page has its own Modules which will only work for this page template.

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