Manually Adding a Lead [Classic]

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This article will help in describing how to manually add your leads to your Placester site. 

This article will show you how to manually add a lead to the Leads feature in your account.

The Importance of Leads 

We understand the importance of leads and keeping track of those leads to your Real Estate business. Gaining and responding to leads is how you grow your business. The ability to add Leads is available on all subscriptions.

CRM Tab 

Login to your Placester account and you can automatically see the CRM tab on the top of the dashboard.

Adding a Lead Click the New button in the lefthand corner to add a lead 


 Once you've clicked the New button, you'll be able to enter all your new lead's contact information into the Contact Information and Detail fields.   Lead Details When entering a lead manually, you are able to include information to help categorize your leads. Scores will allow you to assign your leads scores for what makes sense for your business. These can always be updated and changed based on your lead's status. 

 There are three key sections that you can fill out: Contact Info, Address and Details. The only required field is email address, but we recommend you add as much detail as you think will be necessary to aid your follow up efforts with your leads. 

 When you have entered all the information you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. 

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