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This article will help you how to resolve conflicts for duplicate records of every agent that existed on your Agent Manager.

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  • Easily add Agents to your Roster or CRM lead routing.
  • Create templates for your Brokerage, duplicate them and assign them to an Agent.

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These records are generated from different sources on your Placester account or on your CRM that matches the same email of a specific agent. Resolving conflicts is needed in order to have one accurate and updated record of a specific agent across your Broker account on Placester.

Go to the Agent tab, under the Agent Manager, resolving conflicts notification may show up whenever there are duplicates that need to be resolved.

Simply, select the highlighted word for “Resolve Conflicts” to proceed in resolving conflicts. After selecting it, contact cards that are duplicated records. The number of cards may vary depending on the information available across the account.

A profile list of specific agents with duplicated records will show up, there’s also an indication of which profile is most recent. You simply need to select/ choose a card - which profile should be retained and will serve as the accurate data of the agent on your agent manager. If the selected profile does not have specific data for specific fields like phone numbers or websites, it will just merge or get the data from the other available profile that has the recent data as well.

After selecting the card that you'd like to retain, simply confirm and select “Resolve Conflict”. For multiple duplicates, you can go through all the duplicate cards before clicking "Resolve Conflict".

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