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The Importance of Capturing Leads

We understand how important it is for agents and brokers to capture the contact information of prospective clients. That is why our sites offer built-in lead capture functionality. There is basic lead capture functionality included in our basic subscription, while custom lead capture options are available for advanced subscriptions. To view your options, select Lead Capture within the Site Settings drop down.

  1. Accessing Lead Capture settings
  2. Lead Capture Frequency
  3. Using the Form Builder
  4. Lead Forwarding

Accessing Lead Capture settings

To access the Popup Builer settings click “Edit Site” on your dashboard.

From here, click "Popup Builder" and this will bring you to your lead capture options. 

Lead Capture Frequency 

Lead Capture Settings allow you to decide how proactive your lead capture form will be. You can choose from the following four options: Passive, Active, Aggressive, and Custom. 

The criteria listed under each option are  

  • Number of Site Visits: This determines the number of site visits before a visitor has to fill out a lead capture form.
  • Number of Page Visits: This sets how many pages (of all kinds - About, Listings Search, Area Pages, etc.) the visitor is allowed to view before filling out the lead capture form.
  • Views on Page Template: For Custom Lead Capture, you can select the number of views of a specific page type before the visitor sees the lead capture form. 
    • This criteria is only used for the Custom Lead Capture Option. All other options will be set as zero. 
  • Select Existing Page Template: Select the specific page template you would like the Custom Lead Capture form to display on 
  • Dismiss Button: Selecting this option will allow users to close the lead contact form 
Passively Capture Leads

If you select “Passive,” the following criteria will be set for your Lead Capture form:

  • Number of Site Visits: 3
  • Number of Page Visits: 8 
  • Dismiss Button: On
Actively Capture Leads

If you select “Active,” the following criteria will be set for your Lead Capture form:

  • Number of Site Visits: 2
  • Number of Page Visits: 4 
  • Dismiss Button: On
Aggressively Capture Leads

If you select “Aggressive,” the following criteria will be set for your Lead Capture form:

  • Number of Site Visits: 1
  • Number of Page Visits: 2
  • Dismiss Button: Off

Aggressive lead capture prevents visitors from viewing more than 2 pages until they've submitted a contact form or registered on your site. A visitor will not be able to dismiss the contact form on this setting. 

Custom Lead Capture Settings

You can also define your own lead capture settings by selecting the “Custom” icon.

You can choose to display your lead capture forms based on number of site visits, number of page visits, and views on a page template. In addition, you have the option to make the contact form dismissible. 

Using the Form Builder

You also have the ability to tailor the lead capture form that pops up to obtain customer information. You will find the Form Builder right below your lead capture settings.  

The first option in the form builder is to “Enable form’s headline and subtitle.” If you would like a title and description at the top of the form, check this box off. 

The headline will serve as an introduction to the form. It makes sense to use this as a call to action to fill out the form. Below the headline is the subtitle.This is a great spot to include some company information or a personal message to your clients. Or, you can tell them exactly what information you're looking for from them.

The next section of the form builder is customizing the fields shown within the form, and whether you'd like them to be optional or required fields for the lead to fill out. Please note, there are four required fields in the form. The lead is required to fill these fields out on the form: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. 

To add additional fields to the form, click the box to the left of “Add” and select the type of field you would like to add. Then click “Add.” You can make the field required to be filled out or optional.

To change the order of the fields in the Lead Capture form, simply drag and drop each item in the spot you want it in. 

Next, you can decide what you would like to have the submit button say in the Button Text box. You can simply have the button say “submit,” or you can customize to whatever message you prefer.  

Lastly you have the option of adding a success thank you message that will pop up after your client has completed the form.

Lead Forwarding

The emails you receive from lead capture forms will always go to the email address that's entered in your contact details under Site Settings > Site Info > Contact Details. 

Within lead capture settings, you can also add other email addresses that you would like to forward these emails to. This is a great way to get your leads into a third party CRM if you're using one. 

You can add the email address by clicking Edit Site > General Options > Lead Forwarding

The emails should come from If you are finding that you're not receiving the emails, please make sure you check your spam folder and add this email address to your whitelist. 

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adjusting your lead capture settings, let our support team know at

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