Tips and Resources for Cropping and Resizing Images [Classic]

This article will show you how to crop and resize your images to fit the homepage slideshow.

Why do I need to crop or resize my images?

An important part of a great real estate website is having high quality images to attract your site visitors and prospective clients. You'll want to add images to your slideshow that are as close as possible to the recommended size for your template. If the image is too small, it will look blurry and pixelated; if the image is too large, then parts of it will be cut out or it could slow down your site's loading speed.

Recommended Slideshow Dimensions

Plymouth: 1600 pixels wide by 660 pixels tall
1600 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall
934 pixels wide by 366 pixels tall
960 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall
960 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall
942 pixels wide by 421 pixels tall
1600 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall

Using Pixlr to Edit Images

We recommend Pixlr, a free site that makes it really easy to resize your images. To start, click Browse and select the image you want to edit.

Using the Resize Tool

Click Adjustment to open the editing options, then select Resize. Make sure the "Keep proportions" box is selected to prevent the image being stretched out of proportion. 

You can type a width or height depending on how you'd like to resize the image initially, then crop it from there. For instance, let's say you're aiming for 1600 pixels wide by 660 pixels tall. You might initially resize the image to 660 pixels tall, but then find it's still 2000 pixels wide when it's proportionately resized, so you'll just have to crop a bit off of each side to bring it down to 1600 pixels wide while keeping it 660 pixels tall.

Using the Crop Tool 

To crop parts of the image off, you'll need to click Adjustment again, then Crop. Enter the size of the image you want to keep, rather than what you want to delete (so if you need your image to be 1000 x 500 pixels, enter that). Once you've entered the dimensions, you'll be able to select what you keep by dragging the highlighted window that appears. When you're happy with the image, click Apply.

Once you're happy with the image, click Save in the top left of the screen to finalize the process.

Pixlr Support

If any questions come up with using this image editor, please check out Pixlr's support section for help articles and resources.

Uploading Images to Your Home Slideshow

Find out how to upload images to your home slideshow here.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about editing images, let our support team know at

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