Removing "For Rent" From Your Search Bar [Classic]

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This article will show you how to remove the For Rent option from your Placester search bar.

Default Search Options

By default, the Natural Language Search bar on your Placester site provides options to search properties by For Sale or For Rent. There are two tabs to switch between above the text search bar.


Removing For Rent

Many agents focus on just sales, so we do give the option to remove the For Rent tab.

You can remove the "For Rent" tab from your search bar by applying global filters for sales only to be displayed on your site.

This can be done by selecting Purchase Type as the criteria, then selecting sales.


Once you search for just sales and click save, only sales will be displayed on the site which will remove the For Rent tab.


Here’s our full article that will tell you more about using global filters

Need More Help?

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