How to Add Tags to Leads and Contacts [Codeless]

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This article will show you how to create, edit, and add tags to leads and contacts so you can better manage and organize your CRM.

Tags help you differentiate between the contacts and leads you have in your Placester CRM. They are great because you have complete flexibility when creating and assigning tags.  Tags can range from the basic title, Buyer or Seller, to a more specific title like PTO, Joey's Boy Scout Troop, or 123 Oak Terrace Open House.

After the tags are added to leads, those leads can be added in bulk to a Drip Campaign, or Email Blast based on the tags they’re associated with.  

Accessing the CRM

The first step when using tags is going to the CRM page on the backend of the site.  Once you've logged into the back end of the site, click on CRM to view all of your current leads.


Creating Tags

Now that you are on the CRM page, you have the ability to create tags. The first step when creating a tag is to select a lead that you would like to be associated with a tag. After you choose a lead, scroll across the page to the “TAG” section and click "Add Tags" or if tags have already been added to the lead, click on the section that has tags.   

Once you have finished typing in a new tag, a blue box will appear that will ask if you would like to create that new tag.  


Click the “Create New” button.  After creating the tag, you will have the ability to add more tags to that lead. There isn’t a limit for how many tags can be added to a lead.


Editing Tags  

Tags can be edited by clicking on the “TAGS” section for a specific lead, then typing in a new tag. In addition, you can delete a tag by clicking the x in the right-hand corner of the tag.


Bulk Adding Tags 

There are two different ways to add tags to contacts or leads in bulk.  You can either select the checkbox next to each of the lead or contacts’ name individually or select the checkbox next to NAME at the top of the list to select all the leads on that page.  Once the names are selected, click the Add Tags button on the bulk action bar below then choose the tags you would like to add.


Filtering by Tags

You have the ability to filter by tags so that only a certain group will appear on the CRM page.  This can be done by clicking on the filter icon, next to TAGS, and selecting at least one tag.  Once you have selected the tag(s) click the filter button and only the leads with that tag will appear on the page.


Filtering by Tags to Create an Email Blast

Once you have filtered the tags, you can create an Email Blast by clicking the box next to NAME then selecting Email Blast at the bottom of the page using our bulk action bar.  A new page will appear that will guide you through creating an Email Blast.


Filtering by Tags to Create a Drip Campaign

If you would like to create a drip campaign using the leads associated with certain tags, first, filter by the tags, then check off the box next to NAME, then click the button Add to Drip.  A box will appear with all of your existing drip campaigns. Here you can select what drip campaign to add these leads to.


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