What To Do After Your Site Is Live [Classic]

Once you have completed your basic set up (see our start up guide)  You can move forward with making your site "live" 

What it means to "go live"

When you click the Launch Your Site link, your site will technically be live. However, unless you've mapped a custom domain to your Placester site, it's unlikely to be found. You'll also be likely to want to wait to launch your site until after your IDX integration is approved and listings from your local MLS are populating your site.

We usually consider a site to be live once the IDX integration and custom domain mapping are completed. You can find out how to request an IDX integration here.

Even if you launch your site before mapping your custom domain, it's unlikely the public will be able to find your site. This is because it will be using the its Placester subdomain address by default. It will be much easier to drive traffic to a site that has a custom domain. The Custom Domains section of our support site can help you find a place to buy a domain, and instructions on how to map that to your Placester site.

Next steps for your site

Once your site is live, there's still work to be done. You may choose to filter your listings to focus on the area work on or feature specific listings on your homepage.

It's a good idea to update your pages and posts to include information about yourself as a realtor, the area you work in, and testimonials about your work. Creating blog posts is a great way to keep your site's visitors up to date with local news and events, as well being a key part of Search Engine Optimization. You can also use the Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions on your home page and on individual pages and posts to help achieve your SEO goals.

If you'd like to drive traffic to your site, and capture leads, you might be interested in our marketing solutions. Placester's Marketing Plays are designed to help set you up to maximize your site's functionality.

Need More Help?

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please chat with our team: https://app.placester.com/chat

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