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Forwarding Additional Domains to Your Website [Codeless]

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Have only one domain? Placester always recommends mapping your primary domain to the site.  Find out more about why here. If you have more than one domain that you would like to use then this article will guide you through how to set this up.   

Why do I want to forward a domain name?

You can only fully map one custom domain name to your Placester site. However, you may own more than one domain name and want to utilize those too.

Forwarding vs. Mapping

A mapped domain will always show up in the address bar. Let's say your primary (mapped) domain is This will be mapped by following our instructions for domain mapping.

Once the site is mapped, you'll see in your browser's address bar as you navigate around the site. If you want to point another domain (let's call it to, you can do so by forwarding it. This way, if someone types in in their address bar, they'll be redirected to, and will always see the primary domain in the address bar once they're on the site. You can forward multiple domains to the same primary domain.

How can I forward an additional domain?

Login to your domain registrar and go to the domain manager. Select the domain you want to forward and go to the domain management or settings page. Find the Forwarding section and click manage or add Forwarding.

In the Forward To field, click the drop-down arrow next to http:// and select https:// .  Once https has been selected, enter the name of your primary domain - the one you want the domain you're editing to redirect to. Choose Permanent forwarding, and make sure to select Forwarding Only - NOT Forwarding with Masking. Masking hides the URL of the site the visitor is on, so it won't display what page they're on in the browser's address bar. Then click Save or Add.

This is all you need to do. As long as your primary domain is properly mapped to your Placester site, any domains you forward will redirect users to that site.

Domain Registrar Support

If you are having any trouble with forwarding your domain(s) to the primary domain, please contact your domain registrar's support team for assistance.

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