Creating Saved Searches for your Leads [Codeless]

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This article will walk you through how to create Saved Searches for leads directly through the CRM.

Please note that this ability is only available on our higher subscriptions. If you’re currently not subscribed to one of these packages but are interested in learning more, please visit our packages and pricing page.

What are Saved Searches?

Site Visitors have the ability to save searches on your website and sign up for email notifications based on those searches. The user will receive an initial email featuring the properties that meet the criteria of the saved search, and will continue to receive these notifications based on their saved search settings (daily or weekly from the date they signed up). 

With the Placester CRM, you also have the ability to set-up saved searches for your leads and/or contacts within the backend of your account.

To get to the Placester CRM after logging into your account, locate and click the CRM tab from your page to view all of your current leads

Once you’re in the CRM, click on the Lead that you would like to create a saved search for to enter their lead profile.

When viewing the Lead Profile, there are two ways that you can create a Saved Search. One way is to click on “Add a Saved Search” which is the first grey button, located towards the top right-hand corner of the lead profile.


Another way you can do this is by scrolling down the lead profile and clicking on the Saved Search tab, and then click on the “+” button.


Clicking either of these options will lead you to the Saved Search slide-out screen where you can set-up a saved search for the lead.

For the first step, you will want to give the Saved Search a title in the Search Name field. This title appears at the beginning of the Saved Search email that the lead receives, so you should try to have something there that shows the lead what type of homes they’re getting these daily/weekly notifications for. For example, you could name the search something like, “Montpelier, VT $300,000 - $600,000” or “02139 Homes”.

The Source drop down menu controls what site the Saved Search comes from and provides the links to the listings in the Saved Search emails that the lead will receive. If you only have one site in your Placester account, you will only have that one option. However if you have multiple Placester sites within your account, you will need to choose one for the source of the Saved Search.

In the Send Notifications drop down, you get to choose whether you want the lead to receive daily or weekly email notifications with listings matching this saved search.


Under the Send Notifications drop down, you can set the filters that will control what listings are sent with the Saved Search emails. These settings should be similar to what you see in your Global Filters and Featured Listings. To learn more on how to choose your criteria and add/remove filters, click here. For our “Montpelier, VT $300,000 - $600,000” Saved Search example below, we used the City filter, the Minimum Price filter and the Maximum Price filter to set the listing criteria.


Keep in mind that the Default Sort order determines what order the listings come through on the Saved Search email. In our example, we chose “Days on Site (Newest)” so that our lead sees the newest listings in the area first. With that said, you can choose through a couple of different options within the Default Sort drop down.

Once you've selected your criteria, you can add an optional notification that will display in the email that the lead receives for the Saved Search. This notification will be sent to your lead any time you save or edit the saved search.


After you’ve completed setting up your Saved Search, click on the green “Save” button located at the bottom of the page.

Viewing and Editing Saved Searches

You can view and/or edit your lead’s Saved Searches at any time within the Lead Profile.

Along with Saved Searches that you create for your leads, you can also view any Saved Searches that the lead sets up on their own through this section. Pro Tip: If you click on the search information in the Criteria column, it will bring you to the search page on your website that displays what properties your clients have been looking at and saved the search for.

You can also delete a Saved Search in this section by clicking “Remove”.


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