Choosing Testimonial Featured images [Codeless]

This article will show you how to choose testimonial featured images with Placester.

An important part of real estate is having your sellers and buyers know who you are, so adding photos to your testimonials can show how personable and engaged you are. 

300 pixels by 300 pixels

Once you have chosen the image you would like to use for your testimonial you can then start adding the testimonial to your testimonial page by following the steps in this article.

While adding or editing the testimonial you will be able to see your changes in real time in the customizer previewer. 

On your live website the testimonial with featured image will look like this:

Once you click on an individual testimonial to read more it will look like this:

If you have images that need to be resized to fit on your testimonials pages, here is a support article about tips and resources for cropping and resizing images.

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