How Many Featured Listings and Blog Posts Are Displayed on Each Theme's Home Page? [Classic]

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This article will help you choose a design for your Placester site that displays the desired number of featured listings and blog posts on the home page.

Placester's Site Designs

Each of our themes, or site designs, will display a different number of featured listings mixed in with a number of blog posts on the home page. 

The following are the numbers of featured listings and blog posts along with example links for each theme:


12 featured listings with 0 blog posts (Fremont Theme Example)

Note: Fremont only displays 6 featured listings at a time. You can scroll between 2 'pages' of 6 listings using the arrows in the featured listings section.



9 featured listings mixed in with up to 10 blog posts (Plymouth Theme Example)




8 featured listings, mixed in with 3 blog posts (Phoenix Theme Example)



8 featured listings with 0 blog posts (Franklin Theme Example)



6 featured listings, mixed in with 2 blog posts (Sedona Theme Example)



6 featured listings, 0 blog posts (Toronto Theme Example )



9 featured listings 3 blog posts (Chicago Theme Example)


Want to Display Featured Listings Only?

The following themes will display only featured listings (no blog posts): 




Theme Selection

To browse or change your theme, From your dashboard, click the 3 dots next to the update your site button and then click edit site from the dropdown.


This will bring you to the site setting page where you can find the Theme Selection tab under Site Design and click it.

You can learn more about changing themes and colors in this support article.

Need More Help?

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please chat with our team:

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