Sedona Theme Guide [Classic]

This article will provide a general overview of the site design, features and image dimensions for the Sedona theme.

Theme Selection

You can select the Sedona site design and one of its eight color schemes via Site Settings > Theme Selection.


Top Left: Phone Number and Site Title/Tagline; you can add these via Site Settings > Site Info. 

Top Right: Login/Register option, Social Network Links, and Logo

Menu: You can add pages to your menu via Site Settings > Menu, you can learn more information about editing your menu here.

Home Slideshow and Quick Search

The Slideshow on the Sedona theme is displayed in the center of the site below the header. You can upload new slideshow images through Site Settings > Slideshow. You can find more information about adding images to your slideshow here.

The homepage quick search is displayed on the top right corner of the slideshow, you can choose what quick search fields are displayed via Site Settings > Search forms.


Featured Listings

6 Featured Listings (2 rows 3 listings). You can add listings to your homepage via Site Settings > Featured Listings. You can find more details about adding featured listings to your homepage here.

Featured Testimonials & Blog Posts

The Sedona theme displays featured testimonials and blog posts just below the featured listings on the homepage.

You can learn more about adding testimonials here.

You can learn more about adding blog posts here.

Home Page Widgets

About Widget: Name, Phone, Email Me link.

Get In Touch Widget: Contact Form/Lead Capture

Mortgage Calculator


Agent Headshot/Contact Information, Office Information, Social Network Icons, and Menu.

Recommended Image Dimensions

Slideshow Images: 942 pixels wide by 421 pixels tall

 Individual Agent Headshot (under site info): 96 pixels wide by 112 pixels tall

Logo: 315 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall

Images within Pages/Blog Posts: maximum of 614 pixels wide

Blog Post Featured Images: 128 pixels wide by 85 pixels tall

Agent Headshots (Featured Image on Agents Page): 120 pixels wide by 144 pixels tall

You can find some helpful tips and recommendations for cropping and resizing images here.

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