Creating / Managing Tasks (In Leads) [Classic]

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The Placester Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to manage your Leads by providing a Lead Platform to create Lead Notes, Tasks and a platform to view your lead's specific site Activity.  This support article will detail how to create and assign Tasks. 

Accessing Tasks

You can access your Tasks through our CRM;  to access your lead management you'll need to go to login to you Placester Dashboard and then click the CRM tab.



Creating and Managing Tasks 

Our Lead Management System allows you to create and view Tasks within the Tasks Tab or a specific Lead Profile.


Accessing a Lead Profile


Accessing your Tasks Tab



New Task

To create a New Task, you'll need to click the Plus (+) button at the top of your Task Managment Page.




From here you'll be able to choose the type of task you'd like to create, assign the task to a specific lead,  write details about the task and assign a date and time to that task.  Please refer to screenshot below.



Within the Task Creation page, you also have the ability to set a Task Reminder.  Within a specific task reminder, you'll be able to set when you receive the task reminder notification in increments of Minutes,  Hours, Days and Weeks.  


Your Task Reminder notification will automatically display on the bell at the top right of your Placester Backend.  

You can also decide to receive an Email Task Reminder Notification by clicking the box next to "Send Email Reminder".  The Email Reminder will be sent to the email address you have within your sites lead forwarding. Click Here to learn more about setting up your Lead Forwarding.


Editing An Existing Task

You can edit an existing task by clicking the section of the task you're trying to edit.


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adjusting your lead capture settings, let our support team know at







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