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This article will show you how to add Social Feed with Placester.

It is always Placester's goal to improve every possible feature that we can provide to our customers and to make sure to facilitate things and manage their Placester accounts better. Placester just recently released new features that are one of the most requested by our customers and one of them is the Social Feed Module.

What is a Social Feed?

Social media feeds are widgets generated by social media aggregators that contain content from various social media accounts. You can add the social feed on your homepage or specific pages using the module feature.

Please note that Social Feed is only available for Advanced or higher subscriptions. Also, we only have a limited social media app that you can connect to your social feed.

How to add a Social Feed Module?

Once you edit your website and under the customizer section, you can add a social feed module on the homepage section or any specific page.

Once done, you can add needed details for your social feed module like title, description and especially to choose what social media you would like to integrate into that feed. As of the moment, we only have 2 social media available which are Facebook & Twitter. Design & Animations as well are available for more customizable features that you can add to the specific module.

Once done simply hit "Save" button. Also, a preview will show up as well for the changes and feature that has been added.

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