Providing Admin Access for Broker Agent using Agent Manager

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This article will show you how to PROVIDE ADMIN ACCESS TO YOUR AGENT in your office builder account with Placester.

With the NEW Agent Manager feature for our Office Builder / Broker Pro subscriptions, you would now be able to:

  • Easily onboard, support, and collaborate with your Agents!
  • Invite Agents to your Broker subscription with Placester.
  • Manage all your Agents and their information across their Placester account and website as well as the Offices displayed on your main Broker site.
  • Easily add Agents to your Roster or CRM lead routing.
  • Create templates for your Brokerage, duplicate them and assign them to an Agent.

Please note: This feature is only available through our Office Builder / Broker Pro subscriptions. If you would like to learn more about this subscription, please check out our packages and pricing page.

Check out our cool video to learn more about the features of the NEW Agent Manager.


One of the new features of Placester's new Broker Agent Manager is to provide admin access for specific agents under your brokerage/ office builder account for these agents to manage the account.

Role capabilities:

  • Access to the account with the possibility to edit everything and to access all the tabs like Agent Roster (in case of Brokers), IDX Manager, CRM, Email, Integrations, etc.
  • Access to the Account owner's website with the possibility to edit the website, launch it, change domain, etc.
  • NO access to Billing details (Account Admin won’t be able to change/update billing).
  • NO possibility to change Account Ownership (Account Email, Password, etc.)

Summary: Account Admin will have almost the same privileges as Account Owner. He will only miss the possibility to change/update billing and change the account owner.

In order for a broker to provide admin access to an agent is to simply go to the Agent tab under Agent Manager.

Simply look for the name of the specific agent that you’d like to have admin access to your office builder account and click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) icon to look for an option to provide admin access.

And to proceed in selecting the option “ promote to account admin “ and a confirmation will show up and proceed to assign role and a notification confirmation will show up once done.

Once the agent with admin access has admin access, Once logged in to his/ her backend access, the Switch Access feature will be available on his or her account and no need to log in using the main office builder account that will enable the agent to manage your office builder account, however, the agent is unable to change your billing and broker details.

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