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This article will walk you through how to Enable the Accessibility Widget function with Placester.

Placester is committed to providing accessible websites. We are always working to update and improve our products and we provide tools to make your website more accessible, including our responsive website designs and simple navigation.

Edit Site > General Options > Accessibility Widget

From your dashboard, click on EDIT site then go to GENERAL OPTIONS and select ACCESSIBILITY tab. Turn on the toggle to enable the accessibility widget and choose your preferred position of the widget.

Turn on the accessibility widget to make your website more accessible to visitors with disabilities. Please note that website accessibility is just one part of ADA requirements, and this widget does not guarantee ADA compliance.

The widget is not visible on the website preview on the right, but after enabling, it will be displayed on your website.

Note: Please understand, because there still is not a clear benchmark to determine if a website is officially ADA compliant, this accessibility widget will not guarantee that your website is ADA compliant.

The widget Placester provides is only the free version of UserWay and it does not cover all the requirements of WCAG. If you want to get full compliance you need to avail the paid version. You can visit Userway webpage for more info about this.

You may also check these top-rated UserWay alternatives:

  • AccessiBe
  • EqualWeb
  • Compliance Sheriff
  • AudioEye
  • UsableNet
  • Interactive Accessibility
  • Max Access
  • Deque
  • Adally

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