How Leads Can Create Saved Searches [Codeless]

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This article will show you how clients can save searches on your website and sign up for email notifications based on those searches. It will also show you how you can view the searches that your prospective clients have saved within the Placester CRM.

Please keep in mind that the Placester CRM is currently only available on certain subscription levels. If you are not using one of these packages and are interested in learning more please visit our packages and pricing page.

Saving a Search

When a site visitor performs a search on your site, they will see the option to “Save the Search” within the search form on your listings page. Here is where it displays on our Canyon theme:

Lead Capture Form

If the site visitor has not created an account on your site or has not logged in, a window will pop up asking them to sign up (or sign in if they're already registered as a user).


Setting up the Saved Search

Once the user has created an account or has logged in, the user will then be brought to the Saved Search window. This is where they will be able to name the search that is being saved and control the frequency of email notifications. Email updates can be received daily, weekly or not at all.

Email Notifications

The user will receive an initial email featuring the properties that meet the criteria of the saved search, and will continue to receive these notifications based on their saved search settings (daily or weekly from the date they signed up).

Client Profile Page

When the prospective client is logged into your website, there is a “My Profile” page that will allow the user to view their favorite listings and saved searches. 

This allows your lead to get back to these properties of interest when they return to your website. To learn more about the Client Profile page and your other page templates, click here

View Your Leads' Saved Searches

You can view your leads' saved searches and Favorited properties within the Placester CRM. To get to the Placester CRM, locate and click the CRM tab from your page to view all of your current leads.

Once you’re in the CRM, click on the Lead that you would like to see their Saved Searches. When viewing your lead profile, click on the Saved Search tab, located towards the bottom of the page.


Pro Tip: If you click on the information in the criteria section, it will bring you to the search page displaying what properties your clients have been looking at and saved the search for!

Keep in mind that one of the features included with the Placester CRM is the ability to create saved searches for your leads directly through the back end of your Placester account. To learn more about this process, click here.

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