How To Create a "Join our Team" Page [Classic]

This article will show you how to create a Join Our Team Page if you are hiring.

Agents Page

One way to create a Join Our Team Page is by first creating an Agents Page and Roster, which you can learn more about here

You can then include an "Agent" titled  “Join Our Team” and add a description of employment opportunities in the space provided next to description/bio, as well as any featured image that you would like. 




Once you have added all of the applicable information, click save at the bottom of the page.

Front End

Here is what a Join Our Team Page looks like in an Agent Roster on our Plymouth theme. 

Contact Page Template

A second option for creating a Join Our team Page is through a separate page that uses the contact page template, which you can learn more about here

The contact page template generates a contact form on the live site, and you can add content such as text, images or video that you would like to appear above the contact form in the page content section. 


When you are done editing the content of your page, click save as draft or save, depending on whether you’d like the page to be published on your site or not.

Front End

Here is what a Join Our Team page will look like utilizing the contact page template, on our Plymouth theme.



Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about creating a join our team page, let our support team know at

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