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Note: IDX integration typically takes up to 10 business days but speed can be impacted by delays in receiving signatures from the agent and broker, as well as delays in response from your MLS.

The IDX Approval Process

Once you are a subscriber with Placester, you will most likely be eager to get your listings up and running on your brand new site. Most MLS’s require some paperwork to be filled out by Placester, the agent and the broker. 

The agreement is specific to the agent, Placester, and the MLS, so this does need to be done even if you have an existing IDX website with a different provider. Once the documents are signed by all parties, we just need the MLS’s approval before we can grant access to the data.

Many MLS’s allow us to complete the document signing process online through an online solution called

While is meant to make the signing process seamless by skipping all of the physical paperwork, we understand that it can be tricky at times. Here is an outline of the steps you will need to take to sign your documents through

As soon as your integration request is submitted, an email will be sent to the agent’s email address. If we need your broker’s signature, it will be sent to him or her as well.

The email will come from Support <> and will be titled something like “[Placester] Support has sent you the document ‘MLS Listings Inc IDX’ to sign.”

Within the email, follow this link:

Access the link in your email

Signing Online

The link will bring you directly to the RightSignature document. Depending on your MLS and how the IDX agreement is formatted, there will be various spots where you will have to input information or sign online.

Signing Online

Filling out the Required Fields

RightSignature will guide you through the fields that require information. There will be a red Required flag where anything is required from you.

Filling out the Required Fields

Once information is inputted, the red flags will turn to green “OK” flags.


Drawing your Signature

The document will require your online signature at some point(s) throughout the process. The tool at the bottom of the page will allow you to draw an electronic signature so that RightSignature can input it where it’s needed.

You can do so by clicking on the signature section. This will open a drawing tool. If you are finding it too difficult to draw out your signature, you can click “Other Signature Options ” and choose Type-to-Sign.

Drawing your Signature

Submitting your Signature

As soon as all of the information is complete, there may be certain fields that require your signature. Since you’ve already drawn it, you can simply click “Submit Signature.”

Submitting your Signature

You’re done!

Once your signature is submitted, you’ll notice that your document is locked and awaiting your broker’s signature and information.


At this point, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that the signature was received. At this time, will send the document to your broker to sign. Now it’s up to your broker to fill out the required fields, which he or she can do so by following the exact same steps as outlined above.

Next Steps

As soon as your broker has signed, you’ll get one final email from letting you know that everything has been signed and is ready to go. At this point, the document is automatically sent to both our integrations team and your MLS for approval.

We’ll take it from here and will let you know as soon as we have your MLS’s approval and have made the listings live on your site! Please note that the approval process usually takes 10 business days, but may vary depending on your MLS. The speed can be impacted by delays in receiving signatures from the agent and broker, as well as delays in response from your MLS.


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