How and Why to Add Excerpts to Pages [Classic]

This article will show you the importance of adding excerpts to your site. 

What are excerpts?

Excerpts allow you to show a preview of your content to clients on your site without them clicking through to the page itself. For instance, on a blog index page, you can display a featured image and quick snippet about each post so that consumers can choose which post to click into. 

Why add excerpts to your site?

Excerpts add value to your site. They draw your client's attention to a specific item on your page. They offer a tantalizing preview of an post or page that engages the client to connect more deeply with your site and you. If a potential client sees an engaging excerpt, he or she will be more likely to spend more time on your site and get to know you as an agent better. With your Placester site, you have many opportunities to use excerpts to your advantage. You can create excerpts for blog posts, testimonials, agent pages and area pages.

Adding excerpts to agent pages

Adding an excerpt to each agent page will allow each agent to stand out at first glance when a client looks at your agent index.  This can help engage your clients with the agents who work in the office by encouraging them to read on.

You can add a new agent profile by going to the agent option on your backend menu. Once you have entered the agent bio and photo you will see the excerpt section.  It is best to then offer a brief summary or highlight of the agent bio.  

Proceed with saving the information. It will then appear like this on the front end.

Adding Excerpts to Blog Posts

The process of adding an excerpt to a blog post is very similar to adding an agent excerpt. Once you have added the content of the blog, proceed to the bottom of the page, where you will be able to add a short summary of the post to the excerpt section.

By default, the blog index page will show the first few sentences of each post. Excerpts are especially useful for blog posts because you can override the first few lines of each post with your own summary or snippet.

Once you have added and saved your excerpt, depending on your theme it will appear something like this.

Adding excerpts to 

To add excerpts to testimonials you will also follow the same process as above.  The excerpt will appear right below the title of the testimonial.  It will look a bit different in each theme, but will be similar to this:

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