I can't access my KW Website powered by Placester. What should I do?

Placester is proud to be the website provider for Keller Williams associates. Each KW associate can access their new Placester Site by following the directions in this Support Article.  In this article, we'll cover the possible errors and solutions to these errors that may be preventing you from accessing your KW Placester Site.

I'm missing my "Go to My Website" button

KW associates should find a "Go To My Website" button under  MyKW > Technology tab > KW Websites.

If you're not seeing this, please ensure that your Market Center Administrator has added your MLS ID within Whitepages. This missing information is the root cause of missing KW accounts, as Placester cannot process your account until your Whitepages profile is complete with your MLS information. You can learn how to add your MLS ID within your Whitepages by following the steps in this article.

New KW agent data is currently processed daily. Any new agent info provided to KW by the end of a business day will be processed by Placester the following business day. This requires a complete KW Whitepages profile and a @kw.com email address. Your new account will include KWLS listing data by default. Your local IDX integration(s) will be provisioned within 72 hours as long as we have approval for your office.

I have a "Go to My Website" button, but see an error message when attempting to access my Placester site

If you are encountering an error message when clicking "Go to My Website" within your MyKW dashboard, you should look up your KWUID and contact Placester Support at support-kw@placester.com.  

To find your KWUID, sign into your MyKW dashboard and  > Click on the PROFILE link next to your picture > In the first column, under the word 'Whitepages', click the EDIT link > Next to your Associate ID number, click the LOOKUP KW Uid button

Once you have your KWUID you can contact Placester KW support by emailing support-kw@placester.com or calling 800-713-8068. Our team will troubleshoot from there, and having your KWUID ready will help expedite this.

I have a "Go to My Website" button, but see something unexpected when I click it

If you are able to click the "Go to My Website" button but the screen you see looks unfamiliar, it could simply be a matter of getting used to the Placester admin panel. See our full KW Setup Guide here

That being said, if anything else looks off within your account, contact Placester KW support by emailing support-kw@placester.com

Need More Help?

If you have any additional questions about your new KW Websites Powered by Placester let our support team know at support-kw@placester.com.

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