Adding State Compliance Information to Madison Theme

By law, some states now require agents to display specific information above the fold on the front page of their websites. This article will show you how to add your license number, title, office details, and contact information to your site’s header.

Site Settings > Site Info
To start, you will need to navigate to Site Settings by clicking on the Apps Icon > Sites > Edit Site


Next, click Site Info and make sure your Contact Details and Office Details are filled out completely. Then select Display Office Name, Display Office Details, and Display License Number to feature this information on your site header. If you include a website URL for your office, the office name that displays on your site’s header will link to that URL.


Once this is complete your details will be displayed in the top right corner of your site header.


How to add your License Number
To add your License Number to your Placester Profile, navigate to My Account > My Profile and click Edit.


From here, scroll down to License Info and add your license number in the License Display field. In some cases, Keller Williams may have already pre-populated your License Number for you



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