KW Support vs. Placester Support

This article will help explain when to contact Keller Williams Support and when to contact Placester Support.

KW and Placester work hand in hand to create a positive online marketing experience for their agents.   



If any of the following questions or concerns arise, please contact KW Support at or 512.306.7191. 


Forgot the myKW Dashboard password? 

This is a job for the KW Support team. Placester Support only specializes in the Placester website and subscriptions levels.  Care to recover your password without contacting KW Support, follow these steps

Questions about the KW Mobile App?

KW Support has many articles on their support website that may help answer some of your questions.

Question about Website "Fees"?

The base fee for the Placester site is included in the KW Technology fee.  If you have a specific question about whether you will have a pay an IDX Fee, contact your local Market Center.

Have not created a email yet?

If you are a new agent, chances are your email address will be made for you.  However, sometimes people slip through the cracks and in order to use your Placester site, a email needs to be created.  Click here to learn how to create a @kw email

eEdge Inquiries?

eEdge is a separate company from Placester even though Placester leads are transferred to eEdge, Placester Support does not specialize in eEdge questions.  The KW support website has a helpful FAQ guide to answer some of the most common eEdge questions. 

Looking to edit the Whitepages Agent Information? 

Sometimes Whitepages Information can be outdated.  This is when you contact KW Support.  Keep in mind that only a Market Center agent with a leadership role can make edits to MLS information.

Adding MLS ID to KW Whitepages?

Only a Market Center agent with a leadership role can add the MLS ID to an agent's Whitepages.  Here are the steps to add the MLS ID.  


Contact Placester Support:

If any of the following questions or concerns arise, please contact Placester Support at or 800.728.8391.


Help!  The "Go to my Website" button is not working!

Before you call Placester Support, check to see if these requirements were added to your KW Whitepages.  If they were added to your Whitepages, give Placester Support a call or send us an email.

Noticing website errors or missing links?

Send Placester Support an email with the screenshot of the error page or missing links included.

Are you new to using Placester websites and don't know where to begin?

There is a very helpful setup guide to help you get started.

Interested in adding another IDX feed to your website?

Every KW agent is integrated with the KWLS.  The KWLS is the MLS for KW agents for all over the country.  Only KW listings are posted in this MLS.  If you would like to integrate the site with another IDX. Follow these steps.  Note: Some MLSs require an IDX fee.  

Adding additional sites?

KW agents who specialize in Commercial properties or Farm and Ranch properties are able to create a separate specialized website in addition to their current KW site. Here are the steps to add a Commerical site and a Land site. 

Trying to map a KW Domain Store domain?  

If you bought a domain from the KW Domain Store and are wondering what the next steps are to complete the mapping process; here are the steps

Trying to map a custom domain?

If you bought a domain from a domain host provider (for example, GoDaddy).  There are steps that need to be followed in order to map your custom domain to your Placester site, these are the steps.

Interested in upgrading to a higher subscription?

Please call Placester's Sale's team at 800.728.8391 to learn more about the upgraded subscription levels.  


Need More Help?

If you have any additional questions about your new KW Websites Powered by Placester let our support team know at



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