Editing a Plan Email Template [Classic]

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This article will show you how to edit an email template to be used in a Plan.

Email Templates

A Plan is a series of automated emails that you can send to your leads to nurture them into becoming clients. Email templates are the different steps that make up a Plan. Placester has provided pre-configured Plans and email templates, which you can edit to suit your own needs.

Emails> Templates

First, from your dashboard, click the Email tab on the top of the page then click Templates. You can filter the type of Template you want to edit to show only the Drip Campaign templates or Autoresponders templates.


The pre-loaded Templates provided by Placester can't be edited directly. You'll need to click Copy on the Plan Template you want to edit.


Editing the Template

You'll be bought to a page where you can edit the email template:

    1. Template Name: What you'll see internally as the template name for adding the template to a Plan.
    2. Email Subject: What the lead will see as the subject when receiving the email. 
    3. Logo: Your company or personal logo to add your branding to the email. 
    4. Email Body: The text to be included within the email.

Pro Tip: Using Dynamic Fields

Within the template creator/editor, there's an option to use dynamic fields. These are quick links that allow you to customize your emails to leads. 

For instance, you can use Lead First Name to create a greeting that will automatically be filled in based on the lead that the Plan is assigned to. 

The lead's first name will be filled in automatically in this spot.



If you are comfortable with HTML and are looking to add additional images or branding to your emails, we have a Placester Hack you may want to check out. 

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about editing an email template, let our support team know at support@placester.com.


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