Adding a Menu Item that links to a Custom URL [Classic]

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The article below will walk you through how to add a custom URL menu link on your Placester site.

Linking to a Custom URL

Using the Custom URL menu option allows you to link to a URL outside of your website. Or, you can use this technique to link to a specific URL within your website, such as a search results page for a predefined search.

Regardless of the custom URL item you create, you can always add, remove or edit pages within your menu, adjust the order of menu items and add drop down menus. Find out how to manage your menu here.

Site Settings > Menu

Adding a Custom URL Menu item

To add a custom URL menu item:

1. Select the Custom URL option from the drop down underneath the current menu items.

2. Click Add.

3. In the Label field, enter the text that you want to display on your menu.

4. In the URL field, add the link you want the menu item to direct to.

5. The tooltip is what is displayed when a user hovers over the menu item.

6. Click Save.

Let's say you want to create a menu item that links to a search results page focused on one city. Using the search form on the front end of your site, search for the city, then copy the URL that is created for that search in the address bar. Open the menu editor in Site Settings > Menu and follow the steps below:

In this scenario, users will be directed to a search page that is already focused on listings in Boston, rather than having to search themselves.

You can use this to link to any custom URL you choose; for example, you can create a very specific search on your site or link to an external page or website.



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