How to set up a Video module [Codeless]

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This article will show you how to use a video module to upload a video on your website homepage.

Modules are the website components that will help you to build your website. Our modules can look different on different Designs, because we have plenty of options to manage their appearance. Advanced styling options associated with modules are available for everyone on the Advanced subscription or above.

Placester has the feature to enable a module that allows users to embed videos from outside sources. This option is only availale in the Advanced and Office Builder plans and can be added to any page templates.

Adding Video to your Homepage

Start by going to your HOMEPAGE tab. Click the add button and select Video then chose your prefered design from the available module styles.

From the customizer, fill in the information fields such as Title, Description and Button label. It is important that you paste the embed code in order for the video to appear. Scroll down to the button of the customizer and enter the code. If successful, a preview will appear on the right.

Pro Tip: Embed Videos from Youtube

Youtube is a great source to get videos and getting the embed code is easy.

Simply visit your video then click the share button and select the embed option.

The embed code will appear on the right. Click the copy button then go back to your Placester customizer and paste code in the video embed field.

Other pages

Check out our related support article about adding modules in other pages, visit the general guide here.

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