Creating a New Drip Campaign [Classic]

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This article will show you how to create a new Drip Campaign.

What is a Plan?

Plans are the Placester version of drip email marketing. A Plan is a series of automated emails that you can send to your leads to nurture them into becoming clients. Placester has provided pre-configured Plans for user convenience. Or, if you would like to create your own, follow the steps below.

Plans Tab

First, click the Email tab from your dashboard and choose from Autoresponders or Drip Campaigns.

Click the + button to create a new Drip Campaign.


Creating Your Drip Campaign

From here, you'll be brought to a page where you can enter your unique Plan Name and choose a category for your Plan.

Under "Step 1," you can choose what to send your leads once they are added to the Plan. You can choose from a variety of email templates. 


Pro Tip: Create Your Own Templates

You can use our prebuilt templates here or create your own email template, which you can work on through Leads > Templates.

Adding Other Steps

You have the option to add more steps to your Plan. Underneath Step 1, click on "Add Another Step."


From here, "Step 2" will be added, where you can choose the timeframe between activities and again select an email template. 

When you're done adding the desired steps to your Plan, click Save.

Pro Tip: Create Work Plans For Different Types of Buyers

Creating different types of work plans for different types of buyers will improve the experience of your leads.  For example, you can create a work plan geared towards a young couple that highlights schools in the area.  On the other hand, you can create a work plan geared towards millennials that focuses more on lofts and access to public transportation.  The differences in work plans are yours to implement and will allow you to better serve your clients.

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Creating a New Email Template [Classic]


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