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This article will show you how to Feature certain Properties on the Homepage of your Placester site.

Each of our designs allows you to manually select listings to feature on your home page. Many agents have their own listings or office listings that they want to highlight, and this is a great way to do so. First, go to Site Settings to find the Featured Listings tab.

To access your featured listings settings, you will need to log in to your Placester site. Click on the 3 small dots button then click edit site. It will bring you to your site settings

 If you are already in your backend menu, you can edit your featured listings by clicking on Featured Listings in the Listings section


Featured Listings Slide Out 

Within the Featured Listings slide out, you’ll see two tabs, which offer different options for selecting your Featured Listings. The first tab you'll see is Filtered Listings.

Filtered Listings

The Filtered Listings tab will allow you to add criteria for your site to automatically search through your MLS and display only those listings that match your criteria. 

Special note:  You will see a large number of criteria available for search in the Add Search Criteria dropdown menu.


 Not all of the categories may be available on your MLS.  If you are not seeing results from a category you know is available in your data feed, please let us know and we can have our data team look into adding it.   

To start adding filters to search on, click the dropdown menu next to Add Search Criteria. Let's say you wanted to filter by Zipcode. Scroll down the list to the Location section and select Zip, then click Add. This will create a field in to which you can start typing your Zipcode(s). When you start typing, you'll see some suggestions. Keep typing until you see the zip you want to filter by and click on it in the suggestion box. Repeat this step as many times as necessary, then click Search. Once the search is complete, the Search Results box will display only listings from the zip(s) specified.



Once you've added all the criteria you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to apply your filters to your site. 

If there is a field you would like to search by and you do not see it on the list you can use our keyword search.  Select Keyword from the dropdown.  Then click add and enter your term.  


Adding Multiple Filters

Add as many filters as you’d like in the same way by selecting the appropriate filter category from the "Add Search Criteria" dropdown. Once they’ve all been added, click Search to see your results. 

You can add a combination of different types of filters. See the example below, where the site is narrowed down to one zip code, with a minimum of 2 beds, minimum of 2 baths, minimum price of $200,000 and a maximum price of $300,000. This has narrowed the total number of listings down to 21 listings after clicking Search.


The Filtered Listings tab uses an automatic process to update, so every time a new listing in the MLS matches the criteria you set, it will be added to the search results on your site.

Specific Listings

The Specific Listings tab gives you the opportunity to manually search for listings and add them to your site.

The search options are the same as on the Filtered Listings tab, but the selection process is different. Once you've added all the search criteria you want, you need to select a listing from the Search Results box and click Add to add it to the Selected listings box; these listings will be the ones that appear on your site.


Once you've selected the listings you want to display on your site, click Save. If you want to remove a listing, select it in the Selected Listings box and click Remove.

This method requires you to manually add new listings from the MLS every time you want them to appear on your site, so you just repeat the steps above and look through the pages of found listings to add the new ones.

Changing your Default sort

By default, your featured listings will be displayed by most expensive to least expensive.  However, if you do wish to sort your listings in a different order, you have the option to do so.  In order to change the way your listings are sorted, click on the dropdown menu next to Default Sort.


You will then see the list of options you can sort by.


Choose which sort option is best for you, then click search to update your filters.  This order will now be reflected on the front end of your site. 

If a listing you've selected to feature becomes inactive, it will automatically be removed from your home page. If you’d like to modify the featured properties in the meantime, you can always return to this screen.

Location Filters

For location filters, the most specific filters will override the more general filters. For example, let's say I added two city filters: Boston and Cambridge. If I then decide to add filters for neighborhoods that are just within Boston, such as Back Bay and Beacon Hill, the city of Cambridge will no longer be featured anywhere on the site since the neighborhood filters are more specific and have narrowed the site down to only the city that includes those neighborhoods, which is Boston.

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