Adding a Meta Title & Meta Description to Pages and Posts [Classic]

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This article will show you how you can boost SEO by adding a meta title and description to pages and blog posts on your website.

What is a Meta Title and Meta Description?

The meta title and description are what you would like search engines to display when your page or post appears in someone's Google or Bing search results, for example.

Here are a couple of great resources on writing effective meta titles and descriptions from

Meta Title -

Meta Description -

Do I Need Them?

You don't necessarily need to add these tags because search engines will ultimately decide what title and description to display when the page is crawled and indexed.

However, you can use this space to create a unique call-to-action and add relevant keywords for each page and post on your site:

The above is an example of how one of our Academy articles appears in Google search results.

Adding Your Meta Title & Description

You can edit your existing pages or blog posts to add a meta title and description within the SEO section of the editor. You can also set these tags for new pages you create. 

Once you've added your page content, just scroll down to the SEO section at the bottom of the editor to add the meta title and description. Note: if the page has been published for awhile, these fields may have been auto-filled.


Here's an example of how you could complete this section for an about page:

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Adding a Meta Description & Meta Title to your Home Page [Classic]


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