Creating a Testimonials Page [Classic]

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The article below will show you how to create a page of testimonials to display on your website.

Creating a New Page

When you're logged into the back end of your site, click the 3 dots next to the update your site button then click Edit Site from the dropdown

This will bring you to the site setting page, then click Pages. Once you're in Pages, click the (+) symbol. You will be taken to the page creation section.

Testimonials Template

Set the template type to Testimonials Index and give your page a title. A URL for the page will be generated based on the title - this is where you can view the page on the front end of your site.

Make sure the option to add the page to your menu is selected, then just click Create. You'll see your Testimonials page added to the list of pages on your site:

Adding Testimonials

Now you'll need to add each testimonial individually using the Testimonials option within Site Details:


You can return to this area at any time to edit or remove testimonials. Click the + button to add a new testimonial.



Testimonial Content

In addition to the testimonial itself, you should include a title, the name of your referrer, their relation to you (i.e. Client), and then choose whether or not to feature the testimonial on your home page.

You can also add an excerpt and image for each testimonial that will appear when a visitor is previewing the testimonial before clicking through:

Viewing Your Testimonials Page

Click View Live Site from within the Site Details to open your home page. Select your new Testimonials page from the menu to view it live. Here's an example from one of our demo sites.

Click here to learn more about customizing your menu.

Customizing Testimonial Order

This next section will show you how to customize the order in which your testimonials appear. It is important to note that this feature is available exclusively to our advanced subscribers (Advanced Plan and Office Builder subscription). If you are interested in learning more about these subscriptions, you may do so here.

Testimonial order can be manipulated by updating the Publish Date on the backend of the site; testimonials with the most recent publication date will be displayed first. To edit the publish date, you must edit the testimonial:


And there you have it! Selecting a more recent publication date will allow you control which testimonials appear first on your site. 

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