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Writing Your First Blog Post [Classic]

Check out this feature in action on our demo site Placester Realty ! This article will give you information about writing your first blog post. How to create a new blog post Placester allows you to c…

Updated 1 year ago

How to Embed a Google Calendar onto your Placester Site [Classic]

This article will walk you through how to embed a Google Calendar onto your Placester site. To embed a Google Calendar, open Google Calendar on your computer and login In the top right corner click S…

Updated 1 year ago by Sarah

Selecting Great Slideshow Images and Where to Find Them [Classic]

Selecting great slideshow images for your homepage is a crucial part in marketing your site to visitors looking for real estate. Gathering eye-popping visual aids helps with drawing in visitors to yo…

Updated 1 year ago

How To Create a "Join our Team" Page [Classic]

This article will show you how to create a Join Our Team Page if you are hiring. Agents Page One way to create a Join Our Team Page is by first creating an Agents Page and Roster, which you can learn…

Updated 1 year ago

How to Use Social Networks for Real Estate [Classic]

This article will give you some tips for using social networks for real estate. Having good practices when it comes to utilizing social networks on your real estate site is vital for gaining leads, s…

Updated 1 year ago

How To Hyperlink Text And Images [Classic]

This article will show you how to hyperlink text and images on your site. Hyperlinking Text To link text on your page to another URL/page (hyperlinking), highlight the text in the page editor, and cl…

Updated 1 year ago

Which Lead Capture Setting is Best For You? [Classic]

This article will help you decide which Lead Capture setting is best suited to your needs. The Importance of Capturing Leads We understand how important it is for agents and brokers to capture the co…

Updated 1 year ago

How to optimize SEO on your Placester Site [Classic]

This Article will explain steps you can take to maximize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Placester site. Our platform offers multiple tools that will improve your site’s SEO ranking and…

Updated 1 year ago

Removing "For Rent" From Your Search Bar [Classic]

This article will show you how to remove the For Rent option from your Placester search bar. Default Search Options By default, the Natural Language Search bar on your Placester site provides options…

Updated 1 year ago

Tips and Resources for Cropping and Resizing Images [Classic]

This article will show you how to crop and resize your images to fit the homepage slideshow. Why do I need to crop or resize my images? An important part of a great real estate website is having high…

Updated 1 year ago

Sharing Blog Posts on Social Media [Classic]

This article will show you how to share your blog posts on social media. Why should I share my blog posts on social media? Sharing your blog posts is a great way of driving people to your real estate…

Updated 1 year ago

How to Clear Your Cache [Classic]

This article will outline some of the options available for clearing your browser's cache. What is Caching? Caching is designed to improve your browsing experience by saving copies or images of websi…

Updated 1 year ago

How Can I Drive Traffic To My Site? [Classic]

This article will tell you more about driving traffic to your site. Why should you drive traffic to your site? Once you've set up your site, you'll want potential clients to view it and submit their…

Updated 1 year ago

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