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Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing Your First Blog Post

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This article will give you information about writing your first blog post.

How to create a new blog post

Placester allows you to create as many blog posts as you'd like. You can find out how to create a new post here.

All Placester sites come with 4 pre-written blog posts when you create your site. These are designed to help you get started with your blogging efforts. You are welcome to edit those in any way you see fit to reflect your experience, your local area or add your own tips.

Writing your first blog post

Creating your first post need not be daunting. Many agents choose to write about their local market; this could be in the form of local market statistics, such as monthly sales figures, or something as simple as highlighting local features such as festivals or events. You could also write about more general trends and developments in real estate too, to demonstrate your knowledge at a macro and micro level.

For your first blog post, write about a topic you know well. This will help you gain confidence, as well as providing site visitors with an informed and useful post to read. Writing about a topic your familiar with or passionate about can help you find your 'voice', and is easier than spending a long time researching and writing about a topic you don't have much knowledge about. It should go without saying that your first blog post should be written by you - avoid copy and pasting content from other sites or blogs.

Here are 101 Amazing Blog Post Ideas for your Real Estate Website that Placester suggests for getting started.


Be sure to proof-read your blog before you let the eyes of the world see it - you don't want people to be put off by poor grammar or spelling mistakes. Maybe even have a friend or colleague read over it before publishing - they may catch any mistakes you've missed and could also have some suggestions. 

More Resources

Our free product, the Real Estate Marketing Academy has a range of articles about blogging, with tips about how to get started, what works well for successful agents, and more. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Blogging and Tips for Blogging Consistently to get started. 



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