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[Video] Page Templates

[Video] Page Templates

This article will describe what each page template on a Placester site accomplishes. The video will walk you through how to create a page. 

Creating a page

Placester allow you to create unlimited pages on your site. To find out how to add a new page to your site, click here.

Page Templates

There are Thirteen different page templates on our Essential and Premium packages you can use to create different functionality for your site. They are:

  • Default Page Template
  • About Page
  • Agents Index
  • Areas Index
  • Blog Posts Index
  • Client Profile
  • Contact Page
  • Listings Search Page
  • Testimonials Index
  • Home Valuation page*
  • Custom Landing Page*
  • IDX page*
  • Featured Listings Page
  • RealSatisfied

*Essential and Premium subscription features. 


Default Page Template

This page template can be considered a blank template - it allows you to add whatever text, image or videos you like to a page. When used, it will generate a page like the following:

Standard default page template


Full default page template


You can find out more about advanced page editing here, and adding HTML to a page here.

About Page

The about page template is similar to the default page, and generates the Get In Touch and search listings widget on the right hand side of the page.  Click here to learn how to create this template.


Agents Index

This page template generates a page which will, by default, show all Agent profiles created in your site's dashboard. To find out more about creating Agent profiles and and an Agent Index page, click here.

Areas Index

The Areas Index page generates a list of all Area pages that you've created. To find out more about Area and Area Index pages, click here.

Blog Posts Index

This page template generates a list of your blog posts. For more on creating blog posts and a blog index page, click here.

Client Profile

The client profile template creates a page that leads will see when they log in. Here, they can view their saved searches or favorite listings.

Contact Page

The contact page template generates a contact form on the live site, but you can also add content such as text, images or video as you would with a default page template.  To learn how to set up this template click here.


Listings Search Page

Selecting this template creates your listings search page. You can choose whether to display Sales, Rentals or all listings, and you also have the option to choose which listings search page will be the default.  

Testimonials Index

The Testimonials Index page template generates a list of the testimonials you add to your site. To find out how to add testimonials, click here.

Home Valuation Page

A home valuation page is a landing page that helps generate seller leads. The lead capture form on this page prompts potential clients to enter their home address and some contact information in order to hear back from an agent with a home value estimate. This feature is currently included within Placester's Essential and Premium subscriptions.  Click here for a walk through.


Custom Landing Page

A Custom Landing Page allows real estate professionals to produce customized pages that capture information from prospective clients. Rather than just having a contact page on your site that asks for basic contact information, custom landing pages allow you to tailor your lead capture approach and collect the specific information you're hoping to capture. To learn how to set up this template click here.



IDX Pages 

IDX pages are advanced page templates that are available with advanced subscriptions. While all subscription levels allow you to create Area Pages based on cities, zip codes and neighborhoods, IDX pages provide a more customizable approach that allows you to select a combination of search criteria to create search pages that are tailored to your specific needs. The criteria used to narrow down the listings on the search page are more expansive than on Area Pages. 



Featured Listings Page

The Featured listings page template creates a list of properties that match the criteria you set for your Featured Listings. To find out how to use this template, click here.


RealSatisfied Ratings and Reviews

When integrating your RealSatisfied account to your Placester account, you will have the ability to access your RealSatisfied Ratings and Reviews page template. When this page is added to your site, your RealSatisfied statistics and testimonials will automatically feed to your Placester site.  Click here to learn how to set up this template.


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about using page templates, let our support team know at

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