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How To Hyperlink Text And Images

How To Hyperlink Text And Images

This article will show you how to hyperlink text and images on your site.

Hyperlinking Text

To link text on your page to another URL/page (hyperlinking), highlight the text in the page editor, and click the link button. This opens a dropdown with two options: Insert Link and Unlink.

Clicking Unlink will remove a link that already exists. Clicking Insert link opens a pop-up window which gives you a few options. 

You can enter the URL for the linked text to go to, change the text that displays instead of the full URL, and whether or not to open the link in a new tab.

Hyperlinking Images

There is a similar process for hyperlinking images. Once you've uploaded your image, there are a couple of advanced editing options. Click on the image, then click Edit. This opens a new pop-up which gives you the option to add a title or link to the image, and change the image's alignment on the page. 

Need More Help?

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