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[Video] Adding your Google Analytics Tracking Code

[Video] Adding your Google Analytics Tracking Code


This article will walk you through getting your site set up for Google Analytics tracking.


What is Google Analytics?

The basic version is a free tool offered by Google that you can use to measure key statistics about your website. These include total traffic, traffic sources, bounce rates, page views, etc.

Google Analytics can help you see what's working on your site as well as what needs improvement. Learn more about how to improve your site using Google Analytics.


Get Google Analytics

You can create a Google Analytics account here. When it's complete you'll receive a UA Tracking ID that looks like this:



Next, you'll need to log into your Placester account and select Site Tracking from the Site Settings drop-down:


Site Settings > Site Tracking


Then just paste your tracking ID into the first box in the slide-out. The code will be applied to every page and post on your site.


That's it! You're ready to start measuring your site's progress and performance with Google Analytics.

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Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adding your Google Analytics tracking code, let our support team know at